Assistant Director Daria Burrell shares with new friends at FAREs annual Teen Summit.

We believe in creating a safe place for kids with food allergies. Not a sad lonely table far away from friends at the other end of the Dining Hall. Safe place at Camp W*K means all of Camp.

Camp W*K is completely peanut, tree nut and sesame free. In our Dining Hall, Chef T is always ready to prepare home made nutritious meals for kids with all food allergies. We want our campers to feel as safe and comfortable about food at Camp as they do in their own homes.

Everyone in Camp proudly shares in the responsibility of supporting kids with food allergies. Kitchen staff are all certified in food allergy awareness. Bunk counselor and programming staff are trained in epinephrine use and signs of anaphylaxis. Our Health Center is staffed with 8 RNS and 3 MDs.

Having empathy for friends who have food allergies is a life skill that we want our non allergic kids to walk away with. In a world with so much discrimination and hate, we believe in teaching our campers how accept each others differences and look out for our friends when necessary.

Our commitment to food allergies goes beyond our forty acres on Cape Cod, as we are proud to be a long time partner of FARE.

Mostly recently we were invited to participate in their annual Teen Summit. We love collaborating with organizations who have the same philosophy and dedication that we do: keeping kids safe and spreading awareness.

To learn more about our commitment to food allergies visit our Web site here: More Camp W*K Allergy

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