Our History


Camp Wingate*Kirkland Opens

In April of 1957, Joel Wolfson and David Silverman, after much discussion as co-counselors at a private summer camp for boys called Indian Head, decided to put their ideas into practice by opening their own camp in South Yarmouth, on Cape Cod.

Joel Wolfson and David Silverman, founders of Camp Wingate Kirkland


Camp Wingate for Girls Opens

With 22 boys and 5 staff members, Joel and David launched Camp Kirkland for boys. In 1960, the partners each separately found the love of their lives and Dave married Judy while Joel married Pearl. In 1963, Judy and Pearl created Camp Wingate for Girls just three miles from the Kirkland site.


Shared Philosophy

Soon, both camps were thriving with their own unique flavor, but sharing a common philosophy that has endured for over half a century. Each summer, campers and staff have the opportunity to create a child-centered community that fosters exploration of personal strengths and encourages contributions to the success of the entire camp.


New Leadership

In 1986 both camps combined physically at the Wingate site and thus Camp Wingate*Kirkland, a co-ed camp for children, was formed. Under the guidance of Joel & Pearl for 10 years, and then Barb & Jim Wolfson for 10 years, Wingate*Kirkland was well established when it was purchased by Sandy & Will Rubenstein in 2004. The Rubenstein’s motto has been to “honor the past and enhance the future” by leading Wingate*Kirkland into the 21st century.




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