COVID-19 Information for Summer 2021


When families choose Camp Wingate*Kirkland, they are counting on us to provide an experience that takes responsibility for everyone’s emotional and physical safety. We are confident in our plans to open for Summer 2021 and to provide our campers with the strong sense of community and safety that is so needed right now.

We will continue to monitor and follow guidelines laid out by the CDC, State of Massachusetts, Town of Yarmouth and American Camp Association.


We are fortunate to have strong ties throughout the camp and local community providing information and support.

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  • Camp Wingate*Kirkland is a member of the American Camp Association (ACA). Since March of 2020, the ACA has continually developed and provided COVID resources specifically for camps.
  • In the spring of 2020, ACA partnered with the health consultancy firm Environmental Health and Engineering (EH&E) to develop the “Field Guide for Camps on Implementation of CDC Guidance”. The Field Guide contains extensive and detailed recommendations on all aspects of camp and they continue to release updates as information and regulations evolve.
  • Camp Wingate*Kirkland has an outstanding relationship with Town of Yarmouth and Mass. Department of Public Health and have been working closely with them since last March. We will continue to collaborate, share information and review plans with town and state officials so that we follow all local guidelines and keep the W*K community safe.


Camp Wingate*Kirkland has successfully run Pod Squad here on a daily basis since September 2020.

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  • Pod Squad is a supervised learning group of children hosted at Camp, which supports all types of virtual learning.
  • Camp W*K Pod Squad leaders keep kids safe, support school work so that they learn effectively and provide a fun and safe environment.
  • We received approval and continued guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care and Town of Yarmouth Health Department.


We have been reviewing and updating our policies and procedures to ensure a healthy Summer 2021. We will continue to monitor and revise our plans as we receive new guidance.

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Some of the plans we’re making include:

  • Onsite testing We expect to have testing available at Camp for Summer 2021 and are working to secure the fastest and most reliable results.
  • Vaccinations – As of now, we intend for our staff to be vaccinated.
  • Screening Staff will be screened by W*K’s health care team upon arrival. Staff training will function as a quarantine period, during which staff health will be monitored; we intend for campers to be screened and tested before they arrive on site. We will share updates as guidance dictates. 
  • Masks and distance – Face coverings and physical distancing procedures will be in place.
  • Outdoors Campers and counselors will engage in outdoor activities almost every period of every day. This includes programs that have traditionally been “indoor” activities (e.g., theater, dance).  
  • Program modifications – All activities will be continually assessed and amended as necessary.
  • Trip modifications – Out of camp trips will be assessed and amended as necessary.    
  • Visitors – Visitors, including parents and guardians, will not be permitted. That means we will not hold a Visiting Day in 2021.
  • Transportation We will not be providing coach bus service in 2021.
  • Cleaning – We already have a stockpile of supplies and protocols are in place to ensure common high-touch areas/surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • Hygiene – Campers and staff will be instructed in proper hand-washing techniques and required to wash their hands regularly. Liquid hand sanitizer dispensers are also available across Camp. 
  • Food service The Dining Hall setup will mitigate contact between groups and minimize overall numbers. We will space tables out, utilize outdoor seating, open windows and doors and operate ceiling fans for air flow. Additionally, we are excited to add new outdoor seating!
  • Staff training  Summer 2021 will contain new staff training sessions about COVID-19, in terms of policy and procedures designed to keep everyone safe, and the additional impact the pandemic has had on children and staff emotional wellbeing.


At Camp Wingate*Kirkland we value every relationship with parents as a partnership – working together with the common goal of helping your child be the best version of themselves – teaching life skills, sharing new experiences and creating friendships. As we look forward to summer 2021, there is a higher level of expectation as we continue to keep one another healthy. As partners, we agree:

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  • To continue to exercise caution outside of the Camp W*K site, avoiding unnecessary exposure to COVID-19 and potential harm to the group.
  • We expect open and honest communication from you, the parents/guardians, if your child is ill or if anyone in your family should come in to contact with someone who has contracted the virus. You can expect the same from us.
  • We will work tirelessly every day to keep W*K clean and sanitized, while also teaching your children routines and good hygiene habits while they are at Camp.


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