What is everyone talking about? If you’re here long enough, you’ll figure it out… but this glossary will give you a head start learning your W*K from A to Z.


Bog – Gross, wet and awesome! Behind the lower soccer field and archery field.

BOTL – Pronounced “bottle.” It is the back of the Leoj, where we have evening forum.

Message Board – The wooden structure near the Dining Hall. Where we pick up our Planning Sheets at Breakfast.

Covered Bridge – The covered entrance to Camp.

Chicken Coop – Just past the Dining Hall. Fun!

Frog Pond Field – Grassy field by the Mail Shed and Frog Pond. Great place for games, sports & yoga. It’s also where Sermingo, the painted serpent lives.

Hill bunk – Hilltop, Motel, Joel’s Place and Cottage are up on the Hill. Counselors in Hill Bunks live up in the loft.

Leoj – The big barn by the basketball court. Its name is “Joel” spelled backwards. A great place for drama, wrestling, and gymnastics periods, and also for evening activities.

Linnell Lane – Sandy & Will and Mia, Sarah, Fozzie, Eddie and Z’s house; just beyond the Dumpster.

Pearl B. – The amphitheater behind the office. We hold Planning Session here.

Potty Shed – AKA “Clay Place.” Pottery and ceramics are taught here.

Red Benches – The nice wooden benches outside the office. A great place to take a breather or hold a conversation.

Redwood – The bunk next to the waterfront where some leaders live.

Ropes Course – Located behind the tennis courts, this is a great place for team-building activities.

Staff Lounge – Hangout spot in the lower level of the Office. It’s a cool spot – in more ways than one – to hang out and re-charge your batteries!

The Barn – The enormous maintenance barn behind the art barn. Please ask Will, Sandy, Daria, or Matt to enter.

Treehouse – Next to Lodge 3.

Upper and lower 4-Square court – The lower court is by the Leoj. The upper court is by the Dining Hall.

Yurt – A nice spot by the lake between the Office and Dining Hall. Great for a private conversation.


Bageling – When no campers sign up for your period. Don’t sweat it!

Crib – The waterfront is divided into three cribs. Each camper is assigned to a crib based on swimming ability. Only campers in third crib are allowed to take boating periods.

Leagues – Semi-competitive sports played during generals.

Period – One-hour activities. Campers take (and counselors offer) four periods daily.

Rainy day programming – When it rains heavily, we sometimes offer special or sillier periods, like GaGa.

Sign – A personalized sign that hangs in the Pearl B. Counselors sit near their signs during Planning Session so that campers can find them.

Swim group – Instructional swimming periods. Campers are assigned to a swim group at the beginning of the summer. All campers need to take four periods of swim group weekly.

The Clipboard – Where counselors sign-up for periods for the days ahead.


Area Director – Leader of an area of programming.

David Silverman – Founder of Camp Kirkland and occasional visitor. An expert on Camp and nature. Good man.

Lodge Leader – Leader of a group of bunks. Billy Barclay, Owen, and Katie Simmons are Lodge Leaders.

Program Director – Leads planning session, designs the planning sheet, and leads programming. Frankie Munns is the Program Director.


Carnival – An end of year fun-fest. Counselors and campers set up, run and enjoy booths.

Trip Day – A day on which all of Camp selects a field trip to go on.

Lodge Living

Balancing – One-on-one conversation with campers done weekly.

Cabin – A word we don’t use. Groups of kids are “bunks;” they live in “bunks;” their bunks are often named “Lodge __.”

Challenge I/II/III – A program for older campers. Every Tuesday, Challenge campers hike, bike, canoe, go on overnights, do community service, and build a terrific group. Challenge I is for campers finishing 8th grade, Challenge II is for 9th grade, and Challenge III for campers finishing 10th grade.

CIT – Counselor-in-training for campers finishing 11th grade.

Deputies – During staff meeting, oldest campers act as “deputies” in bunks.

Dining hall duty – Each bunk takes a turn serving food and cleaning the Dining Hall. When your bunk has Dining Hall duty, counselors are responsible for supervising and participating in clean-up and for serving hot food.

Lounge – After Evening Activity, a time for Challenge campers to hang out in the Leoj.

Lower v. Upper – Some bunks have Upper and Lower parts.

Rest period – An hour and fifteen minutes for Camp to rest. Campers must be in their bunks and typically hang out quietly on their beds. Take advantage of this time to rest!


Astie – Our camp mascot, the anthropomorphized asterisk.

Bell – The bell rings to mark the beginning a new period or Planning Session. It does not ring for meals.

Buddy board – Everyone must sign in at the buddy board before entering the water.

Giant chess (and checkers) – Located next to the Heath Center.

Horn – The horn signals all of Camp to assemble at the basketball court. Lifeguards go to the waterfront and perform Search and Rescue.



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