Food Allergies & Safety

Individualized Attention to Food Allergies

A camper’s experience here at W*K is about having the best summer ever! Chef Tom, our resident culinary magician of 10 seasons, easily adjusts menus so everyone enjoys meal times. The Dining Hall is a place for bonding and connecting, not concerns about food!

In addition to being completely peanut, tree nut and sesame free, we are able to accommodate all food allergies and dietary restrictions. Vegans and Vegetarians also appreciate our menu options. Chef Tom uses only fresh ingredients, cooks and bakes from scratch, and ensures there is no cross-contact of food products.


How We Stay Allergy Safe

At Camp

  • The entire camp is peanut, tree nut and sesame free, not just the Dining Hall
  • All staff are trained in epinephrine use
  • Epinephrine is stocked in the health center, dining hall and the camper’s bunk
  • 4 Nursing staff members on site
  • 5-7 minute response time to Cape Cod Hospital
  • We do not have a canteen-this helps manage cross-contact and keep our campers safe!

In the Dining Hall

  • Kitchen staff are certified in food allergy awareness
  • For campers with additional allergies beyond nuts and sesame:
    *Dedicated prep area and storage space
    *Separate color coded cookware
    *Meals are individually plated, wrapped and labeled
  • Activity periods involving food are offered only at the dining hall

In the Bunk

  • A camper’s bunk will be free of their allergen (we even screen beauty products)
  • Bunk staff are given additional training on their campers’ specific allergens


We Are In This Together

We partner with our families in ensuring that all food is ingredient-checked before being sent to the bunk. Bunk staff are given additional training on their campers’ specific allergens and all staff are trained in epinephrine use.

Sandy serving food

Family Success Story

The directors commitment to an allergy-aware camp environment was a game-changer for us as parents of a child with allergies. Wil had an opportunity to enjoy the experience of being a kid in an environment that integrate him seamlessly and safely. We can’t thank W*K enough for giving Wil an experience that simply was incredible on so many levels.Delane and Richard Moser

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