2022 Dates & Rates

This camp is a place where your kid is seen for the incredible human being that she is. I cannot believe the change in our kid–her self-confidence is 100x what it was when she went in.Katie C.

Overnight Camp 

Dates & Rates

Session Duration Dates Rates
Mini Camp 1* 2 Weeks June 29 – July 13 $4975
Mini Camp 2* 2 Weeks July 24 – August 7 $4975
1st Session 3.5 Weeks June 29 – July 23 $8975
2nd Session 3.5 Weeks July 24 – August 16 $8975
Full Season 7 Weeks June 29 – August 16 $13250
Counselor in Training 7 Weeks June 25 – August 16 $10025

*Mini Camp Sessions are designed for first-time campers completing grades 1-5 for the 2021-2022 school year.

These rates are all-inclusive – meaning, no extra cost for trips or transportation!

In addition, families are able to maintain their same tuition rate throughout their camper’s time at W*K through our “Forever Rate” program by re-enrolling for the following summer by a specified date. These “Forever Rates” roll down to siblings at well!

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