Frequently Asked Questions

Is your camp single sex, co-ed, brother/sister?

Camp Wingate*Kirkland is a co-ed camp.

How many campers do you have?

We have approximately 180-200 overnight campers. Our day camp varies from 50-100 campers because we allow flexible scheduling. 

Where are your campers from?

Our campers come from all over! Approximately 1/3 are from the Boston area and 1/3 are from NY, NJ, and CT. The remaining 1/3 are from all over the country and the world, like TX, CA, IL, Spain, France, China, Japan, Russia and more!

How many campers are in a bunk?

There are typically 8-15 campers in each overnight bunk with one bunk per age group per gender. Day camp bunks range from 15-25 campers depending on the age group. 

How many counselors are in a bunk?

There are at least 3 counselors in each overnight bunk with additional CITs (counselors in training) in the younger overnight camp bunks. Day camp bunks typically have 2-3 counselors.

What is included in the tuition? Are there any additional fees?

Our tuition is all inclusive: transportation on opening and closing day for our overnight campers, laundry, swim instruction and all trips outside of camp are included. For day camp, all meals, swim instruction and laundry are included. There are no required supplies, no uniforms to buy and there is no canteen.

What is the 'Forever Rate' Program?

Overnight campers are able to lock-in the tuition rate throughout their family’s time at W*K. Families must re-enroll for the following summer by a specified date in order to maintain their ‘Forever Rate’. This program rolls down to siblings as well. So a camper joining us for the first time in 2024 can receive their sibling’s 2019 tuition rate!

How exactly does the daily choice program work?

Every morning after breakfast, campers and staff gather for what we call “Planning Session”. Campers are given a list of the activities being offered that day. There are 4 activity periods each day and 2 “generals” (activities that the campers do not need to sign up for in advance such as open waterfront, open art barn, league games, etc).

Of the 4 activity periods, 1 of the periods will always be swim instruction. The campers are free to choose what ever they’d like for the remaining 3 periods. There are usually 20+ different activities offered each period. Campers can try an activity, eg. ukulele. If they like it, they can take ukulele as much as they want. If they find it’s not for them, they don’t have to take it again. Activities are chosen every single day and the options change every single day. 

I'd like to send both my children-will they get to see each other during the day?

Yes! They can sit together at meals, spend time together during “generals” and since our activities are designed for everyone, they can sign up for periods together. 

Can my camper just come for one week?

Because we want campers to get the most out of their camp experience, 2 weeks is our shortest session for both our overnight and day camp programs. In our experience, this length of time is necessary for campers to get used to the routine and make connections.  

Do you offer transportation?

For our overnight program, we offer bus transportation on opening and closing day for the Boston area, White Plains, NY and Manhattan. We are also able to escort campers to/from Logan and TF Green airports on any of our session start/end dates. All of this is at no extra charge.

At this time we do not offer transportation for our day camp program.

Are there bathrooms in the bunks?

Yes! All bunks have private bathrooms and showers. 

Are you a 'competitive' camp?

We are not a competitive camp. While we do compete against other camps in a variety of sports, we focus on team building and skill development. Our teams are always First in Fun!

Does Camp W*K offer financial aid?

Camp W*K does not have a formal financial aid program. We work with various programs which help us identify children in need.

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