Why Work at Camp?

The hallmark of a W*K counselor is the enthusiasm, energy and care they bring to the creation of a summer community in which children can thrive.

As a counselor you are the most important ingredient for a successful camp. Your major responsibility is to supervise a group of campers to provide a safe, fun, and exciting camping experience.

Your duties as a camp counselor should be taken extremely seriously. As a counselor your job involves listening, sharing, guiding, and advising campers, and helping them to adjust to new situations, giving encouragement, and caring about each camper as an individual.

It is important that bunk counselors realize that they are on duty any time they are around campers or at Camp, role modeling appropriate behavior and being available for all campers. Counselors should strive to create a safe and fun environment in which learning and growth can flourish.


Child piggy backing on a counselor
Archery lesson with child and counselor

Our Commitment to Our Counselors

We want you to thrive as a counselor. To accomplish this goal, Camp Wingate*Kirkland has set up a strong network of leaders to support the staff. There is a lodge leader assigned to each age group to serve as a sounding-board for ideas and a trouble-shooter for problems.

This leader also runs a bunk meeting with each lodge weekly, to assess its condition and bring any concerns to the forefront so they can be resolved. In the daily program, support comes in the form of specific area directors (waterfront, arts, drama, athletics, etc.) and a general program director. These leaders can help plan a period, get resources, give feedback on teaching – make your program a success. Of course, Will and Sandy are always available as directors to discuss concerns and solve problems as well!



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