Mindfulness at Camp

February 5, 2019

Lake view from behind some trees at sunset

Camp Wingate Kirkland is dedicated to bringing your children the most fun summer, while simultaneously teaching life skills that build resilience and foster self discovery.

In 2019 there is a lot of discussion about mindfulness skills and techniques being implemented into kids lives. The simple explanation of Mindfulness is paying attention in particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.

5 Ways Camp Wingate Kirkland Lives the Mindful Life:

Camp W*K is located on Elisha’s Pond in Yarmouth Port on Cape Cod. Campers are immersed in nature all day, everyday.

Technology Free (CONNECTING)
Consistent with our goals of promoting self-reliance and the confidence that comes with new social connections, we have limited the use of electronic technology at Camp Wingate*Kirkland.

Educating staff (BREATHING)
Each year during staff week training we have a Calmer Choice instructor come to speak about simple tools for our counselors to learn to support kids.

Programming (EMPOWERING)
Some of our new traditions have grown from our belief that children learn better and are more enthusiastic when they get to choose what they learn. We think our Daily Choice program is one of the most unique ideas anywhere in camping today.

Music, arts, swimming, running, yoga, bird watching, hiking, juggling, sign language, braiding, debating, cooking, paddling, writing, performing. Over 25 options every single day.

Balancing (LEARNING)
Balancing is a time on Sunday mornings for each camper to sit down one-on-one with his or her bunk counselor. Together, they review the activities the camper chose during the previous week and discuss how things are going in the bunk and around Camp.

Mindfulness calls for learning to live in the moment. Camp W*K practices living in the moment all Summer long. Always encouraging campers and counselors to make the most of each and every moment and enjoy the experience of the most epic summer ever.