Signature Activities

At Camp W*K we are famous for our original blend of activities that you are sure to have never heard of. With a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone and be silly you are sure to find fun in some of these.

Earn Your Stripes

Test your mettle against the bog! Explore The W*K Bog with your very own platoon. Soaking in the filth of the bog you will play some awesome games to test your wit and strength. A great activity for your most ruined of clothes.

Balloon Animal Hospital

Whether you’re a nurse practitioner, surgeon or professional paper-pusher, your first residency at W*K Balloon Animal Hospital will leave you so fulfilled you’re sure to pop! The cast of sick dinosaurs, giraffes and dogs can’t cure themselves. Only you can save them through means of dedications, resilience and (surgical) red-tape.

Ethical Dilemmas

What Would You Do? A Camp W*K favorite creates a healthy conversation around a decision-making problem. Campers are posed with a situation with two different outcomes.

40/40 Home

Calling all swift sleuths! 40/40 home requires the quickest moves for not being found and catching your opponents. It’s a unique hide and seek game mixed with tag that travels all across Camp.



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