Electronics Policy

There’s so much fun to be had at camp, we figure you’ll be able to live without a few things for the summer.

Consistent with our goals of promoting self-reliance and the confidence that comes with new social connections, we have limited the use of electronic technology at Camp Wingate*Kirkland.

Why did we move to a more “Un-plugged” Summer for Campers and Staff in 2015?

  • To promote human bonding and positive social connections between Campers and Staff
  • To create an intentional Camp community that will thrive when it is freed from electronic distractions
  • To give Campers the chance to discover and enjoy “offline” and natural activities

We expect that Staff will observe and promote our technology-free environment, and have changed Staff policies so that they are not allowed to keep any cell phones, laptops or tablets in the Bunks.

Cell Phones
Campers are not allowed to have cell phones in their bunk. Cell phones brought to Camp will be labeled and stored safely in The Office. Cell phones will be returned on each Camper’s final day, as well as Visiting Day. At the end of Visiting Day, all Campers will return their cell phones to The Office.

Game Devices
Campers are not allowed to bring Gameboys, PSPs, Nintendo devices or any other gaming device to Camp.

Music players/MP3 players
Camp W*K allows the following iPods: Classic, Nano and Shuffle if, and only if, all videos, movies, TV shows and games are removed. Campers may bring radios, boomboxes and basic MP3 players, as long as they do not contain videos, games or have wifi capability. The Campfire Player is a great option. Cell phones with SIM cards removed may not be used as music players.

Computers and Tablets
Campers are not allowed to bring any type of computer or tablet to Camp.

Campers who like to read and who want to read while they are at Camp may bring either of the following:

  • A Kindle Paperwhite. Why only the Paperwhite? Other versions of Kindle, iPad or other e-book devices are not allowed, due to their potential for internet access and/or weaker parental controls.
  • Real, “Old-fashioned” hardcover or paperback books. W*K also has a lending Library available for all Campers and Staff!

Digital Cameras
Families can use their CampMinder account to save photos and share them with Campers as soon as Camp ends.

If your Camper wants to bring a camera to Camp, there are a few choices:

  • A disposable camera that can be processed at a local pharmacy or grocery store after Camp, or
  • A “camera-only” digital camera. We like Camp Snap! Cell phones, iPods or other multi-media devices will not be allowed to be used as a camera.

Other Electronics
Community members are welcome to bring flashlights, alarm clocks, fans and prescription medical devices, such as nebulizers. Wristwatches are allowed. Apple Watches will be labeled, stored safely in The Office and returned on the final day of each Camper’s session.

A final thought about bringing valuable items to Camp
Camp is a place for children to have fun and to learn respect for other members of our community, as well as their property. Camp will not be responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. We strongly urge Campers not to bring objects of significant or irreplaceable value to Camp.