Head Lice


Head lice have become an increasingly serious problem in schools, camps and communities all over the country. Camp Wingate*Kirkland is taking precautions which are necessary in order to minimize the risk of lice infestation among our campers and staff.

You may already be familiar with the head lice literature disseminated by your local school or health agency. In case you are not, view information from the National Pediculosis Association. This organization has developed a national reputation for up-to-date information regarding lice issues.

The following are the steps that we will be taking at Wingate*Kirkland this summer.

  1. We will carefully check all staff members upon their arrival at Camp.
  2. During the pre-camp Staff Training Program, counselors will be taught how to detect symptoms of head lice, and will be advised to discourage the sharing of personal articles such as hats, hair ties, hair brushes, and towels among our campers.
  3. A professional lice specialist will screen every camper and counselor upon their arrival at Camp. If we find lice or lice eggs (nits) on your child, we will present you with two options:
    1. Option 1: Parents pick up their camper and treat them at home. Camper may return with written approval from a medical professional that he or she is lice and nit-free, as well as an “all clear” lice and nit examination by W*K Health Center Staff.
    2. Option 2: Camp W*K Health will employ the services of “The Littlest Lice Shop,” a local, professional lice specialist to treat your child using their pesticide free process. Due to the cost of the treatment, families will be charged $500.

Throughout the summer we will periodically check all campers and counselors, including a thorough check before they return home.

Please partner with us by checking your child or having your child checked for lice by a medical professional before they leave for Camp. If lice are found before camp starts and your child has been recently treated, please notify us so that we can re-check.

We are confident that these precautions will help all of us to have a healthier and happier summer!

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