Clothing & Gear

Don’t want to lose your shirt at camp? Hey, if you follow these helpful tips you’ll be right as rain.


Please use the Suggested Packing List as a guide. This is merely a checklist; not every item is necessary. You should use your best estimate of quantities needed but the list is applicable to all sessions. Please do not bring excessive clothing since storage space is limited, plus laundry is done weekly. In addition, please do not use any combination or other locks on luggage. Keys and combinations get lost in transit.

Tagging & Marking

All possessions must be name tagged or marked with indelible ink. This is the best way misplaced items can be identified and returned. There are products that we recommend in making this task more manageable:

  • Stickerkid
    Brightly colored sticky, iron-on and shoe labels that can be personalized. Camp W*K families can receive a 20% discount.
  • Label Daddy
    Personalized, washable peel & stick labels. Camp W*K families can receive a 25% discount with code WINGATE.
  • Name Dropper
    A self-inking laundry marking stamp that marks clothes with permanent ink. Camp W*K families can receive a 15% discount with code WINK22.


Many families pack for Camp using one large duffel bag. Traditional foot lockers are not recommended and will be placed in storage. Families who drive to Camp should bring their luggage with them. Campers taking a bus to Camp can bring one bag per camper. All other luggage should be sent to Camp prepaid, prior to your camper’s arrival.


Please ship your bags to Camp via UPS, FedEx or Ship Camps, and arrange for them to arrive by Monday, June 27, 2022 for those starting Camp on June 29th and Friday, July 22 for those starting on July 24th, allowing for sufficient transit time.

The address to use is:

Camper’s Name
Camp Wingate*Kirkland
79 White Rock Road
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Luggage will be distributed to the proper bunk by staff members prior to the campers’ arrival at Camp. In the younger bunks, counselors will help the campers unpack and make their beds as soon as they arrive. Parents are welcome to assist their child with unpacking and settling in on the first day that they arrive at Camp.