Visiting Day for Full Season Campers and CITs


We are currently planning to host Visiting Day for Full Season campers, CITs and their immediate families on Saturday, July 20th from 9:30 AM-4:00 PM (start time updated 3/4/24)!

Parents should arrive no earlier than 9:30 AM to reunite with their camper, followed by a welcome session beginning promptly at 10:00 AM.

Families will spend the day enjoying lunch in the Dining Hall and attending activities with their campers. Everyone must remain on site, campers and CITs will not be permitted to leave.

We will monitor COVID cases as Visiting Day approaches and will take additional precautions if necessary.

Why Can’t We Visit on Other Days?

Camp Wingate*Kirkland is a special place because campers feel emotionally and physically safe. In a very short amount of time, your son or daughter will recognize everybody and will probably know everybody’s name. Visitors stick out and for your child’s safety, we make sure that visitors are always escorted.

If we allowed visitors on any day, then our staff would be very busy escorting parents, grandparents and friends around Camp, rather than being with the campers. Therefore, please respect our well-intentioned policy. If you ask for an exception, it puts us in a very difficult position.


The entire staff at W*K is responsible for your child’s well being, which is why we will allow gratuities to be made to a general staff fund. Following Visiting Day, the fund will be split among the entire staff. You may leave a gratuity at the Office or send via Venmo (@campwk), but it is not required.