Job Expectations

Lodge Living

Each staff member is assigned (with one or two partners) to live with a particular age group in a bunk. A typical bunk consists of 10 – 15 campers of the same grade level. This is a challenging job, since the bunk becomes a camper’s “home away from home” while at WK. Campers have many jobs to perform every day (like bunk cleanup), and they frequently work together as a team. Our bunk counselors facilitate this team building and also spend much time and effort modeling and teaching respect, sharing and group spirit.


Bunk group hanging out together
Counselor and campers wrapped in towels after swimming

Daily Programming

Every staff member offers four instructional periods to campers each day in our program of daily choice. You will have guidance and support in your daily programming, but you really get to decide what you want to offer. This is one of the aspects of Camp Wingate Kirkland that counselors seem to enjoy the most. The campers also get to choose what they want to take each day. This “marketplace” presents an exciting challenge to staff members, since they need to be constantly aware of camper interests and be flexible enough to meet them. Most counselors rapidly achieve the right “mix”, and this is an exhilarating feeling.

Tennis lesson
Guitar lesson

Community Time

Adults in a residential camp have twenty four hour-a-day responsibility for the welfare of the campers and the community. Friendships between staff and campers at W*K cross lodge placements and activity interests, so special talks during meals and free times are often the most treasured parts of the camp season.

Life guards with kids in lifevests
Skim boarding



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