Choice, Community, Cape Cod

March 12, 2019

Kids filling out their daily choice activities forms

Choice. Community. Cape Cod.
The “Three C’s” are what make WK so special!


Every morning, campers choose four instructional activities for that day. At the Daily Planning Session, our counselors prepare the campers to make their choices by explaining what activities they’re offering that day.

With 25 things to choose from each activity period, there are plenty of traditional camp activities, such as swimming, athletics, arts & crafts, and horseback riding, as well as new things to try like sign language, karate, and even root beer making.


Everyone feels supported and empowered at W*K, part of a community that fosters respect for everybody, regardless of their differences.

The Camp Wingate*Kirkland program is designed to teach campers:

  • To recognize that they have responsibility for themselves and those around them.
  • To accept that they are accountable for their actions and the consequences for inappropriate behaviors.
  • To learn to make choices, which are good for themselves and others, and to take responsibility for the choices they make.
  • To respect oneself and others in spite of differences.
  • To develop new skills and be exposed to new opportunities.
  • To have fun!

Cape Cod

Located on Elisha’s Pond in Yarmouth Port, campers are exposed to all that Cape Cod has to offer, where trips to the National Seashore, whale watches and deep sea fishing excursions enhance traditional camp activities. And being a camp on Cape Cod means living the Cape Cod Life!