Camp Wingate*Kirkland seeks a bright and energetic person with a positive attitude to immediately join our summer leadership team here on Cape Cod. We are looking for someone who can think on their feet, prioritize and multi-task. A pleasant and professional demeanor and the ability to be fun and easygoing with campers and staff is a must. Must have camp experience, superior problem solving skills and enthusiasm for working with kids. 

Lodge Leaders at Camp Wingate*Kirkland are master problem solvers, fire fighters, cheerleaders and professional hustlers. As a member of the administrative team you work directly the Camp Director, to execute Camp’s mission and deliver a healthy and safe summer. Lodge Leaders wear many hats, tackle many tasks and are ready for anything.

April, May & Early June 2021

    • This Leader will immediately support Director and Assistant Director in administrative tasks to prepare for June. This includes answering phones, preparing mailings, and overseeing purchasing of materials and supplies for summer.
    • We expect to face many challenges during this first summer running overnight and day camp for 400 people during COVID. This leader will assist in developing protocols and procedures to ensure COVID safety throughout Camp.
    • Camp W*K is proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association. This summer we are renewing our accreditation and you will assist in reviewing and preparing materials for re-accreditation. In addition, you will help with licensing requirements for the Yarmouth Board of Health.
    • Staff at Camp W*K work tirelessly to create an amazing summer for campers. We are committed to creating activities and excursions for our staff on their time off. You will assist in developing a staff morale program!

Mid-June, July & August 2021

    • Lodge Leaders are responsible for observing counselors as they work with kids and provide regular feedback and motivation. Weekly feedback meetings help staff feel supported and creates a safe environment to ask for help.
    • This role gives you the opportunity to work directly with kids. Throughout the day, you will be interacting with campers ensuring they’re “having a great day,” and recognizing which campers might need more attention.
    • The Dining Hall is expected to serve more than 800 meals a day this summer. The Leadership Team will assist in meal time operations of the Dining Hall with serving and cleaning.
    • There will be many logistics to managing the arrivals and departures of 100 day campers every day. You will work directly with the Day Camp Director to assist them in traffic control, parent inquiries, confirming daily health screenings and creating positive energy for the start of a great day.

It is nearly impossible to list all of the things that Leaders do in a day at Camp. They anticipate the worst but expect the best. This is a rewarding, skill building opportunity for to learn and grow as a professional and learn all of the nuances that go in to managing a residential and day camp with over 400 people.