Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come visit Camp if I’m on Cape?

Families may visit on Visiting Day. Visiting Day is scheduled for the mid-point of the summer for Full Season campers.

Camp Wingate*Kirkland is a special place because campers feel emotionally and physically safe. In a very short amount of time, your son or daughter will recognize everybody and will probably know everybody’s name. Visitors stick out and for your child’s safety, we make sure that visitors are always escorted.

If we allowed visitors on any day, then our staff would be very busy escorting parents, grandparents and friends around Camp, rather than being with the campers. Therefore, please respect our well-intentioned policy. If you ask for an exception, it puts us in a very difficult position.

How do I contact my child during the Camp season?

There are lots of way to stay in touch with your camper! Families may utilize our one-way email and online photo gallery: we print and deliver emails twice a day to campers and we post photos nightly. Additionally, after the first week of each session, campers may make outgoing calls between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Snail mail and care packages are always fun! See our Contacting Your Camper page.

What is balancing?

Balancing is a time on Sunday mornings for each camper to sit down one-on-one with his or her bunk counselor. Together, they review the activities the camper chose during the previous week and discuss how things are going in the bunk and around Camp.

Parents receive the results of these balancing sessions on the last day of each session.

How do I send care packages?

Care packages should be addressed as follows:
Camper’s Name
Camp Wingate*Kirkland
79 White Rock Road
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Campers receive a brightly colored slip in their mailbox and come to the Camp Office to retrieve their package. Boxes are opened in conjunction with the camper and contents are double-checked to ensure that any food items are allergy-safe for all members of the bunk.

How do I see pictures of my camper during session?

We post pictures every night! Simply log into your CampInTouch account and click on the Photos link!

How do I get started?

What is Camp’s electronic policy?

Consistent with our goals of promoting self-reliance and the confidence that comes with new social connections, we have limited the use of electronic technology at Camp Wingate*Kirkland. Please review our Electronics Policy and let us know if you have any questions! See our Electronics Policy page.

How do I get my child best prepared for Camp?

Is there a candy that Sandy has not tried?

It’s doubtful, but she welcomes the challenge if you think you’ve found something extra special!

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