Care Packages

Package Policy

Care packages may be sent to your camper. Packages are received in the Camp Office and a brightly colored slip is placed in the camper’s mailbox to let them know something special has arrived for them! Campers come to the Camp Office where packages are opened together with a staff member.

Please address packages as follows:

Camper’s Name
Camp Wingate*Kirkland
79 White Rock Road
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

The “Bunk Trunk”

Food packages that are sent to Camp are kept in a “Bunk Trunk” in each bunk and become community property. The bunk then shares it when one of their counselors opens the trunk on special occasions, like a Bunk Party or to celebrate being the “Cleanest Bunk.”

Over the past few years, we have seen a tremendous increase in the amount of food and frequency of packages sent to camp each day. It’s important for you to know that your child is well fed at Camp – Thanks to Chef T and his staff, your child will get three fresh-made meals per day and a snack in the afternoon.

It’s important to keep in mind that there is absolutely no pressure or obligation to send any packages, or more than one or two per session. Families may send one or two Bunk Trunk packages per session with only enough treats for one per camper in the bunk. Please do not send more than two Bunk Trunk packages per session. Don’t worry – lots of families in your camper’s bunk are sending packages too and we will let you know how many campers are in the bunk!

All excess (three or more) food packages will be donated to the Yarmouth Food Pantry.

We believe that this policy generates enough treats for good bunk parties, yet allows moderation to rule the day.

Please keep in mind that all food packages must be nut, sesame and chewing gum free. Want some safe candy suggestions? See below! We also suggests sending books, puzzles, MadLibs and board games.

Care packages containing any candy or food MUST BE NUT, SESAME & CHEWING GUM FREE. We have a number of people in our Camp community who have life-threatening nut and sesame allergies. Individually packaged, snack sized bags are preferred.

Want some candy suggestions? Here’s a list!