End of First Session


First Session Ends (Sat., July 23, 2022)


We will have your child’s belongings packed before you arrive and their luggage will be available at Sandy & Will’s house when you are ready for departure.

If you would like to have your child’s luggage shipped, please make pre-paid arrangements via UPS or FedEx to have their bags picked up on Monday, July 25, 2022. UPS and FedEx all make advanced pick up arrangements, so please do not neglect to arrange to have your child’s bags picked up.

If you choose not to arrange for bags to be picked up, Camp W*K will charge your credit card for shipping costs and send all bags via UPS Ground service. In addition, Camp W*K will charge a $25 per bag handling fee.



For First Session campers, Visiting Day is also the last day of Camp. We do not provide bus transportation at the end of First Session.


Parents are welcome to pick up their child at 8:15 AM. We invite you to spend the day and enjoy all of the activities on the schedule. Parents must sign their camper out at the Office prior to departing Camp. We ask that you depart by 5:00 PM.