Camp W*K is an experience unlike any other. Our program is designed to build resiliency, tap into creativity, unlock self discovery, and contribute to the creation of happy, healthy adults.

It can be sad to say goodbye to our friends who move on to new adventures, but one thing is for sure, we are always cheering for them. We hope they take the spirit of Camp W*K and let it continue to fuel a wonderful life.

In this segment on the blog we will be checking in with some Alumni counselors and campers to see what they are up to these days. No matter where any one ends up around the globe, you will always be apart of the Camp W*K community.

What are you up to?
This past spring, I graduated from UC Berkeley and now I am working in San Francisco in sales at a tech company. I frequently take walks with my dog Charlie and hang out with my friends. I still try and bring that spark that Camp gave me for the decade that I was involved there.

How did working at Camp WK prepare you for your next life adventure?
Camp prepared me for my next chapter by showing me that there is value in every single person if you take the time to discover it. I have realized that every person you meet can be a potential new friend if you just strike up a conversation. The friendships and confidence I learned at Camp create a unique out look for me; I’m constantly working on being better at my job and becoming a better version of myself.

What is your favorite memory of Camp WK?
My favorite Camp memory from Camp would have to be is from the Summer of 2016. The whole summer was amazing, and I still stay in touch with the incredible kids I was a counselor for. It’s great to see them reach out to me post camp years later sharing telling me about what they have accomplished and seeing them grow up Into incredible human beings that are going to change the world. They are so kind and funny. I am glad I got to know them and I am thrilled to see them back at Camp working to pay it forward.

Another memory that I hold dear is the fact that I got to work closer with my sister. Working directly with her brought out the best in me. and We held each other to high standards that helped me become better for Camp and myself.

What advice do you have for new counselors?
My advice for new counselors would be to gGo into the summer with an open mind of who you are. You are going to exceed your expectations for how you think you can lead others. I would also recommend finding the person you think you are the most different from and befriending them; you will never know what you will learn.

Tell us what you are up to!
What am I up to now: Since leaving Camp I have remained on the Cape. Right now Currently, I work for Big Brothers Big Sisters a non-profit organization that serves youth on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

How did working at Camp WK prepare you for your next life adventure?
How did Camp prepare me: I feel like people tend to underestimate the amount of responsibility counselors are given. Every day my co-counselors and I had to work together to solve problems and be confident in the decisions that we made. Those are life skills that I might not have developed elsewhere.

What is your favorite memory of Camp WK?
Favorite Memory: There are so many it’s hard to choose! One that I’ll always A favorite Camp memory was “The Flood” of summer 2015. The second day of our challenge 2 New Hampshire trip it rained all day. The trail flooded and everyone was soaked by noon. Despite the rough conditions everyone stayed in good spirits and made it through the hike! Then at that year’s mega reunion we all ordered matching t-shirts to commemorate (sorry Couto).

What advice do you have for new counselors?
Just do it! Camp is the most judgement free place I’ve ever been. Don’t be afraid to have fun, be yourself, and get weird!

We love you, we miss you, we are cheering for you!

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