One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is summer Camp. It doesn’t fit in a box and you can’t tie it up with a bow because the opportunity to be outside amongst peers, discovering new things and developing news skills could be too immense to fit under your tree. Never mind the fact that the social emotional growth that a child gets from their time at Camp is infinite.

It’s the season of gift giving and we’re sure that you’re finding it hard to find something for everyone on your list. The Camp W*K staff has gotten together to create a one of a kind gift giving guide that will make every one a happy camper.

Adam Sherf:
“The Weight Room” as he is known around Camp, was recently recruited as an alternate for the US National Spikeball Team. An original SpikeBall fanatic, Sherf says,“Spike ball is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s an all seasons, backyard game that is great for friends and family.”
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Macky O’Hara:
If Hydro Flask had a fan club, Macky would be president. Hydro Flask is a durable reusable water bottle that keeps the water cold or hot, whatever is your fancy, and contributes to elimination of unnecessary waste. It’s important on hot days in the summer to stay hydrated!
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Declan Burrell:
Declan’s motto for life is: “Be yourself! And if you can’t be yourself, be a unicorn." A cozy unicorn fleece onesie will keep you warm on chilly winter days AND will come in very handy for dress up days at Camp. What Declan would call a win/win.
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Tori Garity
Tori has a Masters in Making Friendship Bracelets. Making friendship bracelets is a staple in the Camp W*K culture and is also a fun activity you can do anywhere, anytime.
Friendship Bracelets

When activities at Camp don’t call for sneakers, Menté reaches first for his Crocs. Causal or formal, he says they are the shoe for every occasion.
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Alanna Conyngham
Break out the gummy worms and be prepared to laugh uncontrollably. Alanna says the Chow Crown is the best gift that she has received in decades. Alanna hasnt caught anything yet, but continues to train in hopes that we can add the Chow Crown to League Competitions at Camp this summer.
Chow Crown Game

Seth Goldfarb
No one has more Camp spirit than Seth. He loves to show his W*K pride and his wardrobe consists only of Camp W*K apparel. You too can add some great camp gear from the Lands End Camp catalog.
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