It’s the season of “thanks” and we can’t help to take a moment and show immense gratitude for all of the incredible people who make Camp Wingate*Kirkland awesome.

Campers, staff, parents, alumni, Larry the post man, Yarmouth Police & Fire Departments, etc. Big or small, the contribution that you make to Camp is valuable and we couldn’t do with with out all of you.

At Camp W*K, we encourage the practice of expressing gratitude in our weekly Balancing sessions. Every Sunday, campers have a chance to sit down with one counselor and discuss how things are going at Camp – in programming and in the bunk. This exercise helps us to get direct feedback from campers so we can make quick changes or improvements.

Balancing is also intended to elicit a conversation from campers to see goodness and kindness in their peers. Asking questions like: Who was your hero this week? Which one of our friends would make a great counselor? Who inspires you to be a better person?

Gratitude shouldn’t be limited to one day in November, it’s a practice, habit and commitment that we teach our campers to demonstrate every day.

Thank you for reading our message and being an important part of our community.

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