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End of Camp - Mini Session

Mini Session Ends (Wed., July 10, 2019 and Sun., August 4, 2019)


We will have your child’s belongings packed before you arrive. If you would like to have your child’s luggage shipped, please make pre-paid arrangements via UPS or FedEx to have their bags picked up on Thursday, July 11 or Monday August 5, 2019. UPS and FedEx all make advanced pick up arrangements, so please do not neglect to arrange to have your child’s bags picked up. If you choose not to arrange for bags to be picked up, Camp W*K will charge your credit card for shipping costs and send all bags via UPS Ground service. In addition, Camp W*K will charge a $25 per bag handling fee.



We do not provide bus transportation at the conclusion of Mini Session.


Parents are welcome to pick up their child at 1:30 PM. You will be able to drive directly to your child’s bunk to load your vehicle. Please keep in mind that Camp is in session. Please drive carefully and get ready for some sad “goodbyes” in the bunks. Before you leave with your child, please come to the Office and sign out. We ask that you depart Camp by 2:15 PM so that we may return to our regular scheduled activities.