It’s a busy day at camp today! New activities like Volcanoes, History, and Economics are premiering along with classic favorites like Classic Catches, Dance, Improv, Ukelele and Tie Dye. Because of the heat, this afternoon we gave plenty of time for campers to splash around in the pond. Beforehand, kids took time to explore their creativity in many different ways.

In Volcanoes, counselor Brent Freed helped campers build towns out of sand and put a bottle with baking soda and has the volcano explode. Campers had a blast developing the towns and watching the mountains explode. Check out a video of one of the explosions here!

The art barn is filling up with amazing projects from psychedelic tie dye to ceramic creations. Campers are also testing their parenting skills by making pet rocks in Parenting with Michael Couto and Charlee Elix. The rocks go through major milestones like the first day of school, bar & bat mitzvahs, sweet 16 parties, graduation, and marriage. Campers are having a great time developing personalities for their rocks and are invested in their well-being and success.