It was a BEAUTIFUL day at camp today! We were all very thankful that the rain stayed away and there was no threat of thunder. The sun was shining, campers were splashing in the pond, running on the fields, auditioning for the play, and getting dirty in the Pottery Shed.

Variations of boating periods, like SUPing Yoga and Canoe Polo were tons of fun and were perfect for camper’s to cool off in the afternoon. In addition, new log rolling records were being set in first crib and campers were challenging each other.

Marissa Diaz offered Advanced Motivation today for the first time ever. She taught a group how to motivate friends and practiced by traveling through camp and cheering for different activities. Motivational music was blasting, campers were clapping and yelling, and everyone appreciated the enthusiastic support.

M is for Moustache also made its debut at camp today! Counselors Rae Ellis, Ollie Madariaga, Kelly Torchia, and Alex Gaillard created a period where campers design a mustache, create it from art materials, and show them off! Some had googly eyes, some had pompoms, some had feathers, and all were fun and creative.

Tonight, the younger basketball team, older basketball teams for boys and girls, and older tennis players are traveling to Camp Bournedale to face off in athletic competition under the lights. Campers have been practicing all week and we are itching for a win!